Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sticks and bricks

Clichéd as it sounds but for some time now I don’t really satisfied with my illustration work for the newspaper.
I'm still trying to find the balance between finding a profound essence of creating and working fast. I want avoid being formulaic and have a rigid style.
Therefore, in the past couple of weeks I turned down freelance work and tried to focus on creative work in artistic sense.
One of the outcomes of this process was a group exhibition called "Is this from IKEA?" The exhibition opens a dialogue about the tension between IKEA's mass production and one of a kind piece of art.
As one of the participants, I created a series of five prints called "Once upon a time".  My work is inspired by the old tale of "The Three Little Pigs" since I love the idea of a home as a shelter in the era of instant materials and shortcuts
You can read more about the exhibition here and here.