Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book updates

Last week was Published the interview that I gave for 'ha-Pinkas' about the book Old Shoes of Mr Minasa. Ha-Pinkas it's an online magazine that deals with children's literature and culture in Israel. I have been familiar with this platform for a while, and always been fascinated by the content concerning the visual aspects of the sphere. Therefore, I felt honored when I was asked to talk about my work. In the interview you can read a bit about my working process and also view some of the sketches from the editorial desk (like the one above).

On the same matter, there is a short video with the author of the book Ronit Chacham, where she talks fondly about the illustrations. We had our first conversation only recently and I was immediately captivated by her warm and lively personality.

The last update (for now) is that the book has been chosen to participate in the exhibition "Ethiopia- The Land of Wonders" in Eretz Israel museum in Tel Aviv. You can read more about the event here