Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Very important person

A few months ago I was informed that my illustrations for the book "Old shoes of Mr. Minasa" won the Ben-Yitzhak honorable mention. The award is given by the Israel museum once every two years and granted primarily on the basis of the illustration's quality.

Last rainy Friday I had the honor to participate in the special ceremony held in the children's wing in the museum. I shook hands, smiled, listened to the fascinating speech-lecture of the first award winner but the meaning of the winning remained incomprehensible to me.

One of my "fame duties" was to write a letter addressed to the museum's children wing about anything I want and to draw anything I want. All the letters are displayed alongside the winning books in the special exhibition in the museum's library. I chose to make a reproduction of one of my first illustrations- inventions as a child: a weightlifter with refreshening dumbbells.