Saturday, September 29, 2012

Under arched ceilings

I am currently participating in an exhibition called "journey among dreams".  Its a multi-disciplinary exhibition that deals with dreams and presents local Artists from different disciplines.
The opening was quite overwhelming. It is always interesting and thrilling at the same time to see how people respond to something that you've made. And then to realize that now your intimate little work have a few new owners.
The exhibition also presents "elmonstruodecoloresnotieneboca" (the project that I already mention in my last post) and show different works of artist from Spain and Taiwan. Personally It was my favorite part, since It is fascinating to see how sensitive and intelligent the illustrators deal with children's dreams (which I highly recommend to read).

Unfortunately the tag names in the photos are very blurry so if you know who illustrated the images above I will be happy to hear from you.