Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exhibition season- 3

A few months ago I was informed that my illustrations for the children's book "Oldshoes of Mr Minasa" won the special prize (fourth place) in Nami island international illustrations Concurs. I felt incredibly honored to be among this talented group of participants and winners (Iranian illustrators rock!!) but couldn't take part at the opening event.
This morning I was excited to receive a "winning package" (the administration's expression, not mine) that included a beautiful catalog, winning certificate, a trophy and a 24 karat medal. Needless to say that in my profession (and position) I'm not really used to royal treatment of this kind. Going through the stuff, the catalog and the video from the event made me admire the Korean appreciation and respect to art and culture. What a way to celebrate books.
Image courtesy of http://www.nambookfestival.com/ where you can read more about the event