Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Few weeks ago we went for a short unplanned vacation (me) and business trip (him) to Zagreb and Vienna. The camera with all the documentary material from this experience and from many others was lost somewhere on the way. My black silent grief for what seemed to be one of the greatest loses of my life made me wonder about documenting, blogging, posting and capturing a moment, a memory. 

The whole experience of the trip was so harmonic in its simplicity and detached in it's being from my everyday life that with the absence of a concrete image seemed to me like an unreal dream.

The frustration and the longing for that "other" life led me to create this series of visuals that aim to describe one moment with nothing in between. This is where I've been, places with no address and no name, quiet blue forests where nothing can harm you, lacking banal action, drama or stress.